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Launch your network marketing business with VSJ Infotech MLM Software and grow faster with intelligent automation. We offer a range of MLM development services that help businesses to streamline their operations, increase their sales, and improve their overall profitability.

Our team has years of experience in MLM software development, and we understand the complexity of the industry. We help you create customers and teams with fast and reliable customer sales.

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What are the MLM plans WE provide:

//All About Binary MLM Plan

A binary MLM plan is a popular compensation structure that revolves around building a two-legged downline. With each member limited to recruiting two new members, this plan promotes teamwork and support within the network. It offers benefits like unlimited depth, rapid growth, and simplified management.

The binary plan is favoured by MLM businesses due to its simplicity and effectiveness in downline expansion. Members focus on nurturing their two legs, earning commissions from their downline sales. The plan further incentivizes success through bonuses and rewards, making it a lucrative option for achieving financial goals. The binary MLM plan offers a streamlined, dynamic, and profitable approach for MLM business.


//How Binary MLM Plan Works

A Binary MLM plan is convenient for the user as it is a two-legged equity-oriented plan it enables both up lines and down lines to create strong teams. There are two legs, Left and Right in the frontline of the binary network marketing plan. Spill over refers to the process by which your up line assists you with new customers or new members. Anyone who can recruit the new member will be shared under down lines power legs. Unlimited levels of both legs are included in the binary MLM compensation plan.

Sponsor Bonus

Earn profit income by recruiting new members and referring them to your downline network, based on their selected packages.

Pairing Bonus

Receive bonuses based on sales and downline members when completing a level of the binary tree structure.

Matching Bonus

Earn recruitment bonuses across multiple generations in the downline network, depending on the chosen binary compensation plan structure.

//All About Unilevel MLM Plan

Unilevel plan is a popular MLM (multi-level marketing) compensation plan that allows distributors to recruit unlimited distributors in their downline without any width restrictions. Distributors typically get a commission based on a percentage of the sales volume generated by their entire downline down to a certain level or depth. One advantage of the Unilevel plan is its simple structure and ease of implementation, making it popular among MLM companies.

Its emphasis on recruitment can sometimes lead to a focus on building a large downline rather than selling products, which can create ethical concerns. Additionally, the unlimited depth of the plan can make it difficult for distributors to earn commissions from their deeper levels filled with inactive or unproductive distributors. Overall, the Unilevel plan can be a lucrative way for distributors to earn income, and its pros and cons before joining an MLM company that uses this compensation plan.


//How Unilevel MLM Plan Works

A Unilevel MLM plan works by allowing distributors to recruit unlimited people in their downline, who get a commission based on a percentage of the sales volume generated by their entire downline, down to a certain level or depth.The unlimited depth of the plan can make it difficult for distributors to earn commissions from their deeper levels, as those levels may be filled with inactive or unproductive distributors. It focus on building large downline rather than on selling products, which can create ethical concerns.

Direct Sponsor Bonus

When a sponsor or a member refers anyone in the down line network to the Unilevel tree, you will get a Direct Sponsor Bonus.

Matching Bonus

Distributors can be earned up this matching bonus to infinite generations depending on the structure of the Unilevel compensation plan.

Rank Bonus

The bonus refers to the distributor's advances to a higher rank by reaching a certain rank criterion fixed by the company.

//All About Matrix MLM Plan

Matrix MLM (multi-level marketing) plan is a compensation structure that places distributors in a grid or matrix with a fixed a width and depth. Typically, the matrix is a 3x7 or 5x7 grid, where each distributor can recruit a fixed number of people on their first level, and each subsequent level can accommodate the number of distributors. The plan also encourages teamwork, as distributors can benefit from the Spillover of recruits from their upline or downline.

One potential advantage of the matrix plan is its simplicity as distributors can focus on building a small, tight-knit team. Distributors are usually paid commissions based on the number of people in their matrix and sales volume, with bonuses and incentives for achieving certain milestones. While the plan can provide a lucrative source of income for distributors, it also has its drawbacks, such as limited earning potential and the potential for over-saturation in the market.


//How Matrix MLM Plan Works

In the matrix MLM plan, distributors are organized in a grid or matrix with a fixed width and depth. They earn commissions based on the number of people in their matrix and their sales volume, with bonuses for achieving certain milestones. Spillover can occur when a distributor's upline or downline fills their matrix with more people than they personally recruited. The limited number of positions can create a sense of urgency to recruit quickly, leading to over-saturation in the market.

Sponsor Bonus

The Bonus is the received amount whenever you add downline members to the frontline.

Level Commissions

It is compensation earned by the upline members for completing a level by adding downline members.

Matching Bonus

It is the bonus received by the sponsors based on the earnings of downline distributors they have sponsored.

Matrix completion Bonus

The bonus is received by the distributors once they complete a matrix cycle.

//All About Single Leg MLM Plan

A single-leg MLM (multi-level marketing) plan is a compensation structure where all distributors are placed in a single downline, with commissions paid based on a set percentage of the total sales volume. It means that every distributor's efforts contribute to the overall success of the organization, and there is no limit to the number of people who can be added to the downline.

The benefit of building a downline under the single-leg plan is that, even if they are higher in the hierarchy than you, you will still be paid for their work. A single leg MLM plan can help you expand your business at a cheap cost, and the more popular your firm becomes, the more quickly and profit you will generate. The single leg MLM plan has several features and advantages for managing network marketing organisations, just like many other compensation plans.


//How Single Leg MLM Plan Works

The single Leg MLM plan works based on the Monoleg MLM concept and single reference chain as it has a single leg system. When a new member joined to the downline, members definitely get some compensation. There is no limit to operating because it is an unlimited compensation plan.  You will benefit from a monthly income in the single leg system, which will benefit everyone below you, including members you do not sponsor.

Sponsor Bonus

This bonus is earned when a user refers or sponsors any new member to the downline. Similarly, users can benefit from Sponsor Bonus by recruiting unlimited members.

Rejoin Bonus

The user will get a Rejoin bonus if the member re-entry back into the system. It is a specific feature of a single-leg MLM Plan with many re-entry bonuses as the system grows.

Matching Bonus

This Matching bonus is received when a user gets the bonus like a referral bonus or rejoin bonus. Then the sponsor will also get the same benefit at the same time.

Leader Bonus

Users benefit from rewards for good conduct on the site, which encourages good behaviour on the site.


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